T Wilson provides comprehensive consulting services in the area of public finance/public incentives for developers, builders, and landowners. We expertly quarterback our client’s projects through the entire process beginning with front end evaluations (prior to land acquisition) until the last shovel of dirt is turned. With over $3 Billion dollars in public incentives successfully negotiated on behalf of our clients, we have the experience to guide our clients through the process with ease and understanding.

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Pre-Acquisition Deal Analysis

Many of our clients engage us at their land acquisition stage. With just a few basic pieces of information, we are able to perform a preliminary financial analysis to determine the viability of the project related to entitlements/public incentives.

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Public Incentives / Financial Analysis

The cost of everything is increasing; causing margins to shrink to the point that many projects are not viable without some form of public incentives. There are a number of different public financing options with no “one-size-fits-all” solution. You’ll never hear us say one option is superior to all others. With our experience, we objectively provide a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of each project to show our clients every detail of the incentive that they can likely expect and exactly when they can get it.

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Dealing with Municipalities / Government

Our expertise is doing business with governments. Negotiating a great public incentive isn’t easy and is always a give and take process that sometimes get contentious. We have decades of experience in negotiating successful public private partnerships with municipalities and counties throughout Texas and we know which strings to push and pull to get the best outcome for our clients. Additionally, both of our senior partners have served in public office and have an intimate understanding of how government works and what motivates them to get deals done. We have strong relationships with mayors, council members, city managers, and senior level staff, as well consultants in many Texas cities and towns.

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Our team will build a development strategy to meet your needs, walk you through the development process, and will help maximize protections for our clients throughout and post-closing of each project. We have developed strong relationships with city/county/state officials, which enable us to expedite land-use matters as well as make the process more affordable. Let us exceed your expectations.

Real Estate Development is a complex process, which requires the proper support and expertise to navigate through. With many years of experience in raw land development, our dedicated team at T Wilson is here to ensure you get the greatest value for all your land developments.

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What They Say About Us

“T. Wilson is the gold standard in financial consulting for developers in transactions involving public private partnerships. I have worked with the T. Wilson team on dozens of deals over the course of nearly a decade, and have found them to be the most reliable team in the business for efficient and quality work. T. Wilson doesn’t passively analyze your deal, they optimize it to get you the best results. They understand all facets of the development process, from negotiation of the development agreement to the issuance of bonds, and they bring a wealth of knowledge and strong relationships to their work. Put simply, they are the best and most experienced at what they do. If you need a consultant to get the job done right, put your trust in T. Wilson.”

Drew Slone of Locke Lord LLP

“It has truly been a pleasure working with T. Wilson over the past 10 years. They consistently create bespoke solutions relating to entitlement, zoning and finance that are advantageous to all involved parties. I have executed some of the most creative transactions of my career in partnership with T. Wilson.

Michael Libera of Samco Capital

“I have enjoyed working with Kirk Wilson and his team on numerous projects over the last 20 year. A go-to team for challenging issues requiring not only financial expertise but problem solving.”

Art Barraza, President of Barraza Consulting Group, LLC

The T Wilson team has been essential in guiding complex financial structuring with public and private stakeholders. They have a keen understanding of governing rules and regulations, and have a proactive mindset for coming up with creative solutions for development.

Arthur Santa-Maria, Vice President of Hoque Global